Spot Treatments for Termites

Did you know that when you have Drywood Termites you DON'T necessarily have to tent your whole house? There are more effective and affordable options for getting rid of Drywood Termites. One of those ways is by having a licensed, trained, insured company perform a spot treatment. This requires extensive drilling and treating every void and affected stud with liquid or foam, but if the termite spot treatment is performed correctly, the whole structure will be effectively prote

Lakeland Termites

See all of those tiny little pellets that look like grains of sand? That is called Frass, and it is evidence of a serious Drywood Termite Infestation. Unfortunately, the homeowners didn't know how bad the Drywood Termites were until they started doing some remodeling. What they uncovered was over $30,000 in Termite damage. If you ever see any round pellets in clusters like this, it means you have drywood termites and you should take action immediately. They can often show up