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Cockroaches and Ants Entering Homes in Tampa Bay Area

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

These are the Most Common Bugs in Tampa and the Surrounding Cities 1. Palmetto Bugs. This large cockroach grows to a length of 1.2–1.6 inches. It lives outside and enters the Home, once inside they will Nest in Dark Places like Walls, Cabinets, Voids, etc 2. Mosquitoes. The mosquito is probably one of the biggest insect problems that people complain about. They are difficult to control for the Homeowner because although you spray your property, Mosquitoes can fly right over from someone else's yard to yours.

3. Midges (no-seeums) The biting midge is a tiny insect. Although the East Coast of Florida seems to have mugh higher levels of Midge swarms, the Tampa bay area is no stranger to these Annoying Little Bugs

4. Carpenter Ant. These Big Ants eat the Wood on your Home, and can be difficult to Exterminate, if not done properly

5. Formosan Termite. A species of the Subterranean Termite, this Termite comes from a Large Colony and it is a Colony that Destroys Homes in Tampa Bay in short order.

6. Spiders. There are millions of varieties of Spiders in the Greater Tampa Area. They range in size and threat, from little tiny sized Spiders all the way up to Large Venomous Spiders, Tampa bay has them all!

7. Flies. Because of our climate and year round temperatures in Tampa Bay, we suffer from unusual amounts of Fly activity from time to time. Drain Flies are especially active during the warmer months.

8. Bees and Wasps. Mud Daubers, Paper Wasps, and Yellow Jackets are often seen swarming around Homes or making Nests on elevated surfaces at the roof line.

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