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Lakeland Termites

See all of those tiny little pellets that look like grains of sand? That is called Frass, and it is evidence of a serious Drywood Termite Infestation. Unfortunately, the homeowners didn't know how bad the Drywood Termites were until they started doing some remodeling. What they uncovered was over $30,000 in Termite damage. If you ever see any round pellets in clusters like this, it means you have drywood termites and you should take action immediately. They can often show up and start eating wood without ever being noticed. The most popular and reliable forms of treatment for Drywood Termites are Tenting (fumigation) and wall injections (liquid and foam termiticide). Fumigations are very effective as long as they are performed correctly and according to state regulations. The problem with fumigations, however, is that once the tent is removed from off of the home, drywood termites can come right back and start eating your house again. Liquid and foam treatments last for years and are usually more affordable as well. #termites #lakelandtermite #drywoodtermites

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