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Rats in the attic

It is very common for people to be woken up in the middle of the night because they are hearing noises in the attic and walls of their home. Rats getting into your home can be frustrating, annoying, and downright terrifying! Homes in town like Tampa, Land O Lakes, Brandon, Clearwater, and Bradenton have been dealing with Rat Infestations for decades. Rodents of all sorts have always found ways to dwell with or near human beings. Our shelters can also provide them with shelter. Our food sources can also become a food source for them. Because of our tropical type weather and landscape, Rodents have been dwelling in Florida for centuries. But, make no mistake, we CAN keep them out of our homes and off of our property. The hardware store contraptions typically don't work. High frequency noise makers, predator urine, mothballs, etc. are old wives fables that don't solve the problem. What a home needs is a real exclusion with the proper materials performed by a trained professional. In addition the exclusion, there should be traps strategically places in the attic and checked, making sure that there is no new activity in the attic. If the rats are in the attic at the time of the proper exclusion, they will have to go to the traps for food when their food source runs out, which is typically within a few days. #rats #ratsinattictampa #StPetersburgratcontrol #ratcontrolnearme

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